How Cardboard Can Affect A Framing

Hello again!  I’m finally back at it….  This blog is about the effects cardboard has on framings when it is used as a backing.  Cardboard is very acidic and can discolor anything from paper documents, to cross stitches, to prints or other items.

The photo below shows the effects of cardboard on glass.  The left half of the cross stitch has a new conservation clear glass over it while on the right side is the original glass that was in the framing.  Can you see the effects?  Look very closely.   The left side is much brighter and clearer while the right side looks a bit foggy and fuzzy.The photo below shows the ghosting effect that cardboard can have on glass.  On a black mat, the left side is a new conservation clear glass while on the right side is the original glass used in the framing of the cross stitch shown above.  The used glass is very cloudy and shows a mirrored image of the cross stitch.

As a professional frame shop we have never used cardboard to back any of our framings.  The proper backings would be regular foamcore or acid free foamcore.

PS: This cross stitch was framed 56 years ago so they didn’t have foamcore or conservation glass back then.  So if you have an older framing you might want to consider having the backing and the glass replaced.

So the next time you are having something framed make sure you have foamcore used in backing your project.  Till next time…..