Canvas Collage Framing


We are going to cover the process we go through when we create a canvas collage.

We have done a number of canvas collages in the past few years.  They all contain 5 canvasses.  They cannot be stretched because there is not enough material surrounding the image to stretch with a special plier we use so we mount the canvases on 1/8″ tempered masonite with no white border showing.  There are 2 good reasons for doing that.  The first is that it is very cost effective.  The second reason is that it is puncture proof versus stretching.  You do not need to put a frame around the canvasses so you can hang them close together without any framing getting in the way of the flow of the full picture of the canvasses.  By not putting a frame around them that also keeps the costs down.

After we are done mounting the canvasses to the masonite we spray them with 4 coats of a UVA/UVB material which brings out the luster of the canvasses and protects them from sun light.

Now we color the edges of the masonite black to give it a finished look.

Finally we glue a 1/4″ thick by 1″ wide board on the back so that a saw tooth hanger can be applied.  We then apply acrylic bumpers to the bottom of the canvasses and by doing that it hangs evenly top to bottom from the wall.

Example of the finished product.


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