The Making Of A Collage Framing

This blog covers the process of making a multi opening collage.  This happens to be a 3 generation Ellendale, MN Fireman’s Collage.  In the    first photo you will see all the items brought in to be put into a collage framing.Getting Items TogetherThe first questions that were asked of us were “Can you put this in a framing? It’s three generations of family Firemen memories that I want to present to my son.”

First we need to do is setup the mat design.  This process takes several trial cuttings with our computerized mat cutter (CMC).  Some openings require custom openings which means putting several openings together and merging them.  What we end up with is this…..  This is a picture of the mat openings on the computer screen.

Mat Design LayoutWe can actually print titles, names, dates, even paragraphs on the mats.

Next we cut the mats out and start placing the items in the mat openings.  When there are items that are much deeper than photos/certificates, we will create a shadowbox look.  See the 6 openings above in dark blue….

There is actually a piece of foam core spaced between the top mat and the bottom mat, putting the photos/certificates forward and 3D objects back.

Mat With Items In The Openings

This is a picture shows the items secured into the mat.  The photos are hinged and the other items are secured in various ways.

Finished FramingFinished framing!  What you can’t see is that there are mat boards lined along the inside edge of the frame about 3/4″ wide so the thicker items do not touch the glass.

Otto (Ellendale Firemen's Collage)

Photo of the Ottos’ with their framing.  Emily’s grandfather and father served with the Ellendale Fire Department.  Their son is currently with the Ellendale Fire Department.  They really enjoyed seeing the finished product!!

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